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Where Will Your Story Take You?

A Family-Owned Escape Experience in Kansas City

Everyone loves a good story. We love to watch movies and read novels. Sometimes, we can even feel as though we are the main character in our favorite story! What could be better than that? How about actively participating in a story, and bringing your family, friends, or co-workers along for the ride?

We at Escape This Place have set up three amazingly unique, home-grown Escape Room Experiences that will challenge your brain power with clues, puzzles, and beat the clock excitement.

So, if you're looking for something that is fresh and unique for a night out on the town with your crew, come and spend an hour with us and see if you can Escape This Place. We double dare you.

The Oswalds' Family Christmas

Your friend Clark is in a tight spot and needs your help to retrieve his bonus check from an unexpected hiding spot – the festive stocking on his dining room table. With the clock ticking and the banks closing soon, it's a race against time to secure that check and make a crucial deposit before financial chaos ensues and Christmas is ruined! Channel your inner detective, solve puzzles, and navigate through twists and turns to ensure Clark's bonus is delivered on time.

Hurry! The bank is closing, and adventure awaits!


Max Players Time Limit Success Rate
12 60:00 60%

The Secret of the Library

The Artifact is one of the most valuable archaeological finds ever to be discovered. Its keeper, Booker McNeal Sr., has mysteriously disappeared while performing more research in Jerusalem. His son, Booker Jr., is searching for a team of intellectuals to enter his father's library and retrieve The Artifact before those at the L.O.C. can get their hands on it.

Are you up to the challenge?


Max Players Time Limit Success Rate
8 75:00 25%

Rock Creek Mercantile

Back in 1861, two local disappearances were deemed unsolvable by the detectives in Rock Creek. The year is now 1866, and a new lead is pointing to the abandoned Rock Creek Mercantile. The city is now looking for a new team of detectives to continue the investigation.

Are you up to the challenge?


Max Players Time Limit Success Rate
8 60:00 30%


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an escape room?    An escape room is an interactive game. You and your friends will be "locked" in a room. You have an hour to find all the hidden objects and solve all the puzzles to find your way out.
What is Escape This Place?    Escape This Place is a live action, interactive escape room experience. You and your team, in 60 minutes or less, will have to find the clues, use your wits, solve a series of challenging puzzles, decipher secret messages and escape the locked room. You will have to think outside of the box and use a combination of skills to reveal the room's secrets and may even find a surprise or two.
How long do we have to escape?    The Oswalds' Family Christmas and Rock Creek Mercantile both have a 60-minute time limit, and The Secret of the Library has a 75-minute time limit. Despite the different time limits, our pricing is consistent between games.
How much do your games cost?    Our base price per game is $120, which includes the first four players. Each player thereafter is $30. Our pricing now includes all taxes and fees. If you would like to book multiple of our games for an event, reach out to us here for special pricing
Will we be placed in a room with strangers?    No. At this time, all bookings are private.
Are we really locked in?    Yes, the escape door will be locked, but you are able to exit if needed. There will be an emergency key near the door for you, and our staff can open the door if asked. You will always be able to leave the room, especially if you have an emergency. Just remember, you must find the winning key at the end of each game in order for your team to be considered successful.
Are any of your rooms scary?    None of our rooms are designed to be scary. That said, there may be occasional elements that may be unintentionally startling to a small portion of players.
In case of emergency, what do we do?    Our players' safety is our utmost imoprtance. In the building we are in, a clearly labeled exit plan is easily viewable. Each game room, even when locked, has multiple exits, emercency keys, and personnel to assist that are only a few feet away in case of emergency. Feel free to Contact Us for more details or if you have any other questions.
Do I need a reservation to enjoy the Escape Room experience?    Yes, an online reservation is necessary. You can view the available days & times that each room is typically open on our booking page, but if you'd like to inquire about booking a room outside of our normal business hours, or if you have any other questions about booking, head on over to our Contact page.
Can I have my child's birthday party there?    This is a good venue to share a party experience as well as for family, friends, co-workers, tourists, travelers, visitors, couples & date nights, special moments, celebrations, and team building. Please give us a call or use the Contact Form for more info.
How far in advance should I book?    We recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure your desired date and time are available. At this time, you can book up to 30 days in advance online. To book further in advance or to book outside our listed schedule, head on over to our Contact page to send us a message.
Can I cancel, reschedule, or add players to my booking?    Under most circumstances, we are not able to provide refunds. You can change your reservation to a different available time if you reschedule at least 48 hours in advance. If more players would like to join, we can accept payment for them when you arrive.

No-Shows are not eligible for a refund.

In the event our management cancels the game, e.g. some natural disaster or inclement weather has caused us to temporarily close, we would then allow you to reschedule. We will email all of our customers whose reservations will be affected as soon as possible. We will give instructions for rescheduling. If in doubt, please call to verify if we are open.
Are mobile devices (phones) allowed in the room?    Yes, but you won't need them. We request that you turn them off while you are in the game as you certainly do not want to be distracted during your 60 minutes. No recordings or photos of any kind while participating in the game.
Is there an age limit?    Yes, any participant under the age of 17 MUST have a parent or guardian in the room with them AT ALL TIMES. Our rooms are not childproof, so please no children under the age of 12. Kids actually love the game, but may not be able to do it all on their own. Kids are great at finding things and putting clues together. Contact us with any questions or concerns.
What happens if we get stuck?    We can help! The method
What other Escape Room tips or advice do you have before attending?   
  • Not everything is a clue. There are plenty of benign items and red herrings.
  • Separate and search as there is plenty to find.
  • When you find something, keep them out for when you need them. Some will be found out of order, some will not apply and others are exactly what you need at the right time.
  • Communicate, communicate and communicate. When you find something, share it.
  • Ask each other questions and double check the answers. Some answers are obvious, some should be obvious and others need more thought or cleverness.
  • Do not climb on anything. There are no clues above normal reach.
  • There are no clues in cords, outlets, lamps, fans, drapes or shades.
  • Do NOT use excessive force on anything. Be gentle as usually no more than finger pressure is needed.
  • This is a game, it is interactive, it is to be enjoyed with others, have fun.
Questions?    If you do not see you question or concern here, head on over to our Contact page and send us a message.


We are located at Landmark 63 in Northern Raytown, MO.

9507 E 63rd Street
Suite 103
Raytown, MO 64133

We are just 4 miles East of Swope Park, and
only 3 miles South of Arrowhead/Kauffman Stadium.

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